CVM x Wensleydale #18135 & 19064


The CVM x Wensleydale is one of our favorite crossbreeds. These fleece were included with the 1st quarter 2021 installment of our Bliss club. One of the things we find so intriguing about this cross is when you are working with animals that show the best characteristics of the cross – fineness and color from the CVM; length of fiber, luster and lock structure from the Wensleydale, there seem to be a very good consistency year over year in an individual animal. For example, in this release we have three years fleece from the same animal. The locks are the same length, same color, same fineness, have the same degree of luster and are virtually interchangeable. We have noticed this multiple times in this cross and rarely see it in other crosses. One of the characteristics of CVM is uniformity of color over the life of an animal.

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