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Nice Romney fleece with 5 to 6-inch locks, medium silver-gray turning to tan over the last 1-1/2 inches to the tip. Lots of luster. Excellent fleece to comb or card. This on is being sold as a whole fleece weighing 4 pounds.

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Good Clean Fiber is available for purchase from two ounces to whole fleece, and via three quarterly subscription clubs. We add new fleece to the Fleece for Sale page each month. New arrivals are available exclusively to club subscribers for one month.

Our Pure Subscription club delivers four ounces of purebred fleece each quarter and is ideal for the spinner looking to experience a variety of breeds. Our Bliss Subscription club delivers four ounces of fleece each quarter that has been chosen specifically for its hand-spinning qualities. Our Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em Subscription club delivers four ounces of fleece from a breed on the Livestock Conservancy’s Conservation Priority List, and each installment includes a passport sticker for the SE2SE program. Our Prime Subscription includes early access to new fleece, but no quarterly fleece delivery.

Since we often purchase an entire clip at one time, not all fleece measure up to our lofty standards for Good Clean Fiber. Imperfect Fleece have one or more minor maladies and their pricing reflects that. 

Good Clean Fiber always has Free US Shipping – whether you are purchasing two ounces, a whole fleece, or something in between. These fleece are pre-packaged and will ship within two business days of receiving your order. Smaller orders ship via USPS First Class or Priority, while larger shipments are sent via UPS.

We created Good Clean Fiber in 2019 to establish a link between small flock shepherds and fiber artists around the country. By washing the fleece and packaging it in small amounts, it is not only ready to process and easy to sample a wide variety of fibers, it is also more accessible. We select each fleece or inspect each flock by hand, ensuring minimal vegetable matter and reducing waste. We often establish a relationship with a fleece producer years before purchasing from them, providing feedback after each shearing to inform them of what hand spinners and felters are looking for. Good Clean Fiber is the widest selection and highest quality of fleece available to fiber artists.

You can read more about our process in our blog post How Good Clean Fiber Works. We cover the benefits to both fiber artists and fleece producers in How Good Clean Fiber is Changing the Way Fleece is Bought and Sold and Why We Created Good Clean Fiber.

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