Virtual Workshop: Drum Carding Basics


Drum Carding Basics virtual workshop including recorded videos, a live watch party, and fleece for three batts.

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Drum carders are a mystery to the average fiber artist: fiber is fed into the carder, ends up on the big drum, and something magical happens in between. In Drum Carding Basics, students will form an understanding of how drum carders work, why they function the way the do, and how to successfully operate one. Students will receive fleece via mail and access to recorded videos via email in early January, so that they may watch the videos, practice the techniques with their drum carder at home, and formulate questions prior to the live watch party with Henry & Roy Clemes on Saturday, January 23rd at 10AM Pacific Time. During the live watch party, the recordings will be played with frequent breaks for students to ask questions. Topics to be covered include how to feed a fiber into a drum carder, common mistakes, and the basic types of fiber preparation that can be made on a drum carder. Fleece included will make one each of a woolen, semi-worsted, and art batt. Recorded videos will be accessible from January through June via an exclusive YouTube link and will be approximately 90 minutes in length.

***Please note: This workshop will demonstrate the use of a Doffer, Cleaning Brush, Batt Lifter, Packing Brush, and Burnishing Brush. These tools will help you get the most out of your drum carder, and while not necessary for using a drum carder, they will certainly make using one more efficient.


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