Backorder List

Last updated: 1/20/2023

Please note:

  • We fill orders in the order that they are received.
  • This list only contains Drum Carders that are on back order.
  • Wholesale orders, orders placed through a dealer, and payment plan orders are not on this list.
  • Orders placed in person or over the phone (not through the website) will not show in your account page on this website. They are tracked separately.
  • You will receive an email with a tracking number when your order ships.

Standard Drum Carder

  1. Susan Z.

Mini Standard Drum Carder


Convertible Drum Carder


Electric Drive for Elite Convertible

  1. Hope M.

Crankless Drum Carder

  1. Jill P.
  2. April N.
  3. Michael H.
  4. Hollace S.
  5. Linda B.
  6. Caitlin J.
  7. Pamela J.
  8. Kathy H.
  9. Sally E.
  10. Shanti R.
  11. Dana D.
  12. Dawn L.
  13. Marguerite R.
  14. Susan H.
  15. Caron V.
  16. Ako C.
  17. Heather W.
  18. Kirstin P.
  19. Mary L.
  20. Virginia P.
  21. Ann K.
  22. Martha W.
  23. Victoria R.
  24. Jonathan F.
  25. Georgeanne M.
  26. Terri S.

Doublewide Crankless Drum Carder

  1. Jen G.
  2. Q
  3. Elizabeth P.
  4. Cathy B.
  5. Valerie S.
  6. Tatiana N.