Carding Tools

Our Elite Series Drum Carders are supplied with every tool we feel is necessary to card any fiber you may want to process. We have developed several tools which aid in the drum carding process. Most of these tools are supplied with our Elite Series carders, but enhance the carding experience and efficiency with any make and model of carder.

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  • Batt Lifter

    Batt Lifter

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  • Batt Lifter Refills

    Batt Lifter Refills

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  • Burnishing Brush

    Burnishing Brush

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  • Cleaning Brush

    Cleaning Brush

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  • Drum Carder Belt

    Custom Drum Carder Belts

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  • Diz


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  • Fine Fiber Cleaning Brush

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  • Doffer

    No Bend Doffer

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  • Packing Brush

    Packing Brush

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  • Rolag Block

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