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Drop Spindles

Many fiber artist’s first introduction to spinning is through a drop spindle. They are an inexpensive and easy tool for learning how to handle fiber and draft it into yarn. Spindles also offer a measure of portability that wheels do not. Our spindles are made of hardwood and turned on a lathe to ensure perfect balance.

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  • Drop Spindles

    Snyder Destiny 3 Turkish Drop Spindle

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    Made by our friends at Snyder Spindles, the Destiny 3 is a hybrid variable weight Turkish spindle. It is made of 3D printed plastic arms, hand turned hardwood shafts and steel screws. This is an unusual combination; the rubber like plastic is used for durability, wood for rigidity and feel, and steel for weight. The combination of these materials allows for the mass to be on the outside of the spindle, to increase duration of the spin. This is a complete redesign of what a Turkish spindle could be.

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