Though we are better known throughout the world for our carding tools, we began in 1970 with our Traditional Wheel and added the Modern Wheel soon after. Both wheels are double drive, upright castles with a 16” diameter wheel. Both are heel-toe, single treadle designs that spin a variety of yarns with ease. While the Traditional captures the essence of old world styling and craftsmanship, the Modern’s clean lines and more modern materials are integral to its efficiency and simplicity. We offer a handful of essential tools to pair with your wheel, including JMac lazy kates, niddy noddies, and hand turned threading hooks.

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  • Batt Lifter Refills

    Batt Lifter Refills

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  • Bulky Adapter

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  • Bulky Adaptor

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  • JMac Lazy Kate 3 Ply - Cherry

    JMac 3 Ply Lazy Kate

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  • JMac Lazy Kate 4 Ply Walnut

    JMac 4 Ply Lazy Kate

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  • JMac 6 Ply Lazy Kate

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  • Modern Wheel Bobbin

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  • niddy noddy

    Niddy Noddy | 2 Yard

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  • One of a Kind Threading Hooks

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  • Niddy Noddy

    Sampler Niddy Noddy | 2/3 yard

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  • Snyder Destiny 3 Turkish Drop Spindle

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  • Spinning Wheel Oil

    Spinning Wheel Oil

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  • Cotton Drive Band

    Spinning Wheel Replacement Drive Belt

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  • Traditional Quill Adapter

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  • american made spinning wheels traditional

    Traditional Spinning Wheel

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  • Traditional Wheel Bobbin

    Wheel Bobbin

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