Cotton Cards

These excellent all-purpose cards are most efficient at relatively short and fine fibers. A student size is available for children, sampling, and carding on the go. All hand cards are sold as pairs.

  • Sold as a pair, 120 teeth per square inch
  • Featuring comfortable ergonomic designs
  • Turned maple handle tenoned into an alder back
  • Designed for cotton, fine wools such as merino and cormo, and fine fibers such as alpaca, angora, and cashmere
  • Available in maple, cherry, walnut, and other woods
  • Available in a smaller size for travelers or children
  • Made in USA

Our cotton cards are designed for short and fine fibers such as cotton, angora rabbit, or cashmere. We also recommend them when working exclusively with short and fine wools such as Merino or Rambouillet.

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  • Student Curved Back Cotton Hand Cards

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