Bulky Adaptor


A Bulky adaptor can be quickly installed on our Traditional Wheel. The 7/8” orifice can pass most art yarn inclusions or embellishments as well as large plied yarns. It is excellent for plying smaller yarns, as the nearly six-inch-long, six-inch diameter bobbin can accommodate up to a pound of yarn.

Product Description

The Bulky Adaptor includes a base, tension block, flyer, bobbin, brake, and drive band. It is quickly installed on any of our wheels after removing the flyer, maiden, tension block, and tension screw. The Bulky base is placed on top of the wheel frame and the Bulky tension block is installed over the tension dowels using the tension screw supplied with the wheel. The Bulky flyer is set in place and a single drive band is installed. Installation takes just a couple of minutes, as does reverting to the regular flyer. The Bulky is made of hard rock maple and is available with a clear finish or stained in fruitwood or walnut. The Bulky bobbin can accommodate up to 16 oz. of yarn and has a capacity of 137.4 cubic inches. The Bulky bobbin does fit on our JMac lazy kate, but if using 2 Bulky bobbins, a space must be left between them (only 2 Bulky bobbins fit on a 3 ply kate).

Additional Information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 13 in

Clear Finish, Fruitwood Stain, Walnut Stain