Elite Series Drum Carders

These feature-laden carders use our proprietary mill style carding cloth and come with all the tools needed to quickly and efficiently process any fiber. The Convertible and Crankless are the only drum carders in the world that can switch back and forth between hand crank and electric drive.

These carder are also available via payment plans.

Elite Series Drum Carders

In 2008, we recognized the need for a modernized drum carder. We started by addressing the few shortcomings of the Standard Series: a taller frame and roller crank handle would be more ergonomic and a way to keep fiber from getting wrapped around the shafts would make cleaning easier and less frequent. In addition, a safe electric version would eliminate the need for the countless well-intentioned yet cringe-inducing home created motor conversions we had seen. We also received many requests for a larger batt size, but saw many drawbacks to simply going wider as our competitors did. Most importantly, our new carder needed to function as well as - if not better than – our Standard. We certainly had our work cut out for us.

We redesigned our proprietary mill style 72 teeth per inch carding cloth, changing the geometry to allow closer spacing of the drums and making the teeth longer. This increased the batt capacity without having to increase the size or the weight of the carder. The frame height was increased to accommodate not only the taller carding cloth, but a new polymer roller crank handle. Triangular blocks were added to funnel fiber towards the drums and prevent it from getting alongside the frame or over the side of a drum and wrapping around the shafts. The bearings are clamped in place by a single screw on each side of the frame, making it much easier not only to adjust the carder, but to move the bearings for cleaning.

Thorough testing on what we now call the Elite Convertible showed that this carder could handle any fiber – angora rabbit, cotton, alpaca, mohair, cashmere, down fibers, all types of wool - from fine to coarse and short to long staple - merino to churro to foot-long English Long Wool, as well as silk, bamboo, and every type of plant or manmade fiber we have thrown at it. Most importantly, our mill style cloth does not create neps or noils, and eliminates the need for changing drums or having multiple carders for different fibers. Even better, the new carding cloth designed for this carder means batts of 3 to 4 ounces are easily made with most fibers.

Testing a variety of fibers with this carder also showed us the need for a variety of tools that make drum carding easier and more efficient. Included with each Elite Series Drum Carder are:

  • Cleaning brush - enables you to quickly and efficiently clean your carder when preparing to card different fibers or blends
  • No Bend Stainless Steel Doffer - used to separate even the thickest of batts
  • Packing Brush - used to increase the thickness of batts and help control fly-away fibers
  • Burnishing Brush - used to create the thickest and heaviest batts, also hones the teeth of the carder
  • Batt Lifter - the ultimate batt removal and storage tool
  • Diz – used to remove fiber as a carded sliver

We didn’t stop designing once our new carder was built. We worked with a local company to make custom foam and cardboard packaging to ensure that each carder – no matter if they are picked up from our shop or are shipped across the world – arrives safely and is ready to use right out of the box. This custom packaging is reusable and is a great place to store your carder if it does not have a permanent home in your studio.