Electric Drive for Convertible Drum Carder


Our Electric Drive converts the Elite Convertible from a hand crank to a motorized carder – without the need to send it back to the factory. It takes less than two minutes to switch between either hand crank and electric drive or to switch back to hand crank. When paired with the Electric Drive, the Elite Convertible becomes a motorized work horse for your home or studio.

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Product Description

From the day the Standard debuted we were asked for an electric drive conversion. As a woodworker, Henry was familiar with the dangers of motorized equipment and decided against releasing a powered version of the Standard. After seeing countless well-intentioned yet cringe-inducing home created conversions and with the introduction of the Elite Convertible, we decided to take matters into our own hands and make not only an Electric Drive, but what we feel is the safest Electric Drive on the market today.

The safety of the Electric Drive starts with a key switch. Without the key in place and in the on position, the motor will not start. The key cannot be removed while in the on position. Once the key is switched on, a red LED will light, indicating power is on. Large industrial style push button turn the motor on and off – a recessed green button for on, an extended red button for off. The buttons are located on the front of the machine so the user does not have to reach over a moving drum to start or stop it. A fuse protects the carder in case of over load. If the fuse happens to blow, the red LED will not light when the key is switched on, immediately indicating the loss of power. Should the power go out, the carder will not restart until the green start button is pushed again.

All electrical components are UL approved and are mounted entirely within a ventilated steel enclosure, making the Elite Convertible with Electric Drive the first electric carder in the industry to meet all requirements regarding electrical safety. The only other carder on the market to meet these standards is the Elite Crankless. As an added measure of safety, power is transmitted from the motor to the main drum via a urethane drive belt. If the carder is jammed – by too much fiber or an errant body part – the drive pulley will slip rather than continuing to feed like a chain, gear, or direct drive. The 10-foot-long power cord eliminates the need for an extension cord. No clamps are necessary as the unit is heavy enough that it will not move while in use. Each Electric Drive is made of select Oak hardwood and protected with a durable lacquer finish.

Additional Information

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 15 × 23 in

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