Good Clean Fiber

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Good Clean Fiber is our brand new subscription service delivering premium, washed, ready to process fleece right to your door. It is our way of building a bridge between fiber artists and small flock shepherds who produce high quality fiber. Good Clean Fiber is premium fleece – free of dirt, lanolin, and vegetable matter – that is ready to be processed. Good Clean Fiber is available two ways:

  • Quarterly deliveries via a Pure Subscription featuring fleece from purebred flocks, or Bliss Subscription featuring fleece selected specifically for their handspinning qualities. Each of these subscriptions is for a 4-ounce quarterly delivery and includes a Prime Subscription.
  •  Prime Subscription. Each month, we’ll release a fresh batch of Good Clean Fiber for purchase. Some will be complete fleeces, but many will be partial fleece in 2, 4, 8, and 16-ounce increments. Prime subscribers will have access to these monthly releases and will receive free shipping on all Good Clean Fiber purchases.

Pure Subscription

Bliss Subscription

Prime Subscription

Good Clean Fiber is our way of building a bridge between two of the most important members in our community: fiber artists and the small-flock shepherds who focus on growing high quality fiber. We interact with both groups daily in the course of our business and at the dozen or so sheep and wool shows that we travel to each year, and we hear from both that they are unable to connect with each other on a consistent basis. Additionally, fiber artists have a tough time finding quality fiber from a source they can trust and in the right quantity, and often don’t have the experience, space, equipment, or time to clean it if they find what they’re looking for. Small flock shepherds have difficulty connecting with fiber artists other than at local shows – which offer a limited market – and selling fleece on an individual basis is expensive in terms of both time and money.

Good Clean Fiber eliminates pain points for both parties. By purchasing in bulk - often an entire clip, or years’ worth of fleece - we can eliminate or greatly reduce the cost of marketing for the shepherds, while still paying a fair price. By washing the fleece and splitting it into manageable amounts, fiber artists now have access to fiber that is ready to be used and comes from a reliable source that has served the fiber arts community for almost fifty years.

What makes Good Clean Fiber? It’s pretty simple:

Good: Fiber is tested for soundness to ensure no breaks or weaknesses. We work with the shepherds from each flock selected for Good Clean Fiber to ensure that their sheep are coated or on pasture year round, and that their fleeces are heavily skirted. Good Clean Fiber is sound and 99% vegetable matter free.

Clean: All fiber is triple washed using Unicorn Power Scour and double rinsed with Unicorn Fiber Rinse. Good Clean Fiber is free of lanolin yet has a gentle hand.

Fiber: All fiber is unprocessed, premium wool fleece selected specifically with fiber artists in mind. Fiber is available from project size (4 oz.) through an entire fleece (several pounds). Some fleeces will be kept together in their entirety; others may be split into several 4, 8, or 16 oz. offerings. Good Clean Fiber can be easily flicked, hand carded, drum carded, or combed prior to being hand spun or felted.