Mini Standard Drum Carder


All the features of our Standard Drum Carder in a 4” width. The mill style carding cloth allows the user to card any fiber – from cotton to churro and in between – without making any adjustments or creating neps or noils.

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Product Description

Like our Standard Drum Carder, the Mini Standard was designed with simplicity in mind – simple to use, clean, and keep in good working order.

Both the lickerin and swift ride on 1/2” shafts in delrin bearings that never need to be lubricated. The lickerin is adjusted for proper drum spacing in our shop and do not need to be changed for different fibers. A stainless steel doffing strip keeps the carding cloth from being damaged by doffing even after many years of carding. The serpentine urethane drive belt and ball bearing idlers produce a very smooth cranking action. Belts last 10 years on average and are easily replaceable without adjusting the carder.

Each Standard is made of select Oak hardwood and protected with a durable lacquer finish. This carder comes with a flicker for teasing fiber and cleaning the carder, as well as a No Bend doffer to assist in removing batts.

Additional Information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 12 in