Standard Series Drum Carder Belts


Drum Carder Belts last 10-15 years on average and are easily replaced without making any adjustments to the carder.

Please read about each option below before making a selection.

Product Description

There are three options for replacement belts for a Standard Series Drum Carder. Please read about each option below before making a selection:

DCB | Figure 8 Belt (pre-2014) This is a direct replacement for the original figure 8 urethane belt for a Standard or Mini Standard made before 2014. This belt will function very similarly to the original belt. However, the manufacturer of the urethane belting has removed some of the lubricity from the belting in recent years, resulting in more friction where the belt crosses itself to make the figure 8. As such, these belts tend to make the carder slightly harder to turn, and can emit a squawking noise intermittently or sometimes constantly. If you have a Standard (8″ wide) Drum Carder and are going to use this carder as a workhorse rather than just for a few small projects a year, we recommend our Idler Kit for pre-2014 Standard Carders.

DCB-206i | Serpentine Belt (2014 and later) This is a direct replacement for the original urethane belt for a Standard or Mini Standard made after 2014 or a pre-2014 model with an idler kit already installed. This belt is serpentine and does not make a figure 8 or cross on itself.

206-idler | Idler Kit for pre-2014 Standard Carder This kit replaces the figure 8 belt with two ball bearing idlers and results in easier turning of the handle and quieter operation. The idler kit comes with full picture instructions for installation and takes 10-15 minutes to install on average. A drill bit and wrench are included, but a drill and screwdriver are needed. Please note: this kit only fits the Standard (8″ wide) and does not fit the Mini Standard (4″ wide).

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