Fleece Breeds: Henry & Roy’s 3 Favorite

good clean fiber clemes and clemes

Here at Clemes & Clemes, we see thousands of fleeces every year at fiber festivals, on ranch visits, and when they are shipped to us. While we buy fewer than one in ten that we look at, that still adds up to several hundred fleece per year. They each get skirted, washed, re-skirted, and then…

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Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gifts on table with decorations

Looking for the perfect gift for a fiber-minded friend or family member? Need something for your guild’s gift exchange? We’ve got you covered with this year’s Gift Guide, easily sorted into five different categories.  Click on an item’s name to be taken directly to that item’s page. As a friendly reminder, all sales over $50…

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December 2019 Newsletter

Hello there! Thank you to everyone who supported us and other local and small businesses by Shopping Small on Small Business Saturday. As we said, the goal isn’t so much about bashing large corporations but about making conscious decisions when shopping and gift giving. One of the best gifts we heard about this year was…

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How Good Clean Fiber Works

We travel the country to teach and vend at around a dozen fiber festivals or sheep and wool shows each year. At these shows, we are able to get to know the fiber producers we purchase from and take a good look at every single fleece we purchase. This lets us make sure the fleece…

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How Good Clean Fiber is Changing the Way Fleece is Bought and Sold

“The times, they are a changing…” Yep, it’s cliché, and yep, its completely true. When Henry started our family business in 1971, finding quality wool to work with – let alone vegetable-matter free wool – was nearly impossible. Sheep here in the U.S. were grown for meat – plain and simple. Wool was an afterthought,…

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Why We Created Good Clean Fiber

Good Clean Fiber is our brand new subscription service delivering premium, washed, ready to process fleece right to your door. While we are incredibly proud of what we’ve created, we didn’t set out with the intention of changing the way that fleece is bought or creating a more direct link between fiber producers and users.…

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