Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for a fiber-minded friend or family member? Need something for your guild’s gift exchange? We’ve got you covered with this year’s Gift Guide, easily sorted into five different categories. 

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Holiday Gifts – What’s New for 2022

red wooden spindle earrings
Spindle Earrings

KCL Earrings

Available in both Spindle and Shuttle designs, these beautiful accessories come in a variety of woods and colors.


Bundle, Steam, Print! and Gardening and Foraging for Natural Dyes have been flying off the shelves since we first got a hold of them. Both are great additions to any fiber artists’ library.


Our Norcal Fibershed Sampler gives a two-ounce taste of the wide variety of breeds grown in Northern California.

Drop Spindles

From our friends at Snyder Spindles, the Destiny 3 Turkish Spindle is virtually indestructible and comes in a handful of bright colors.

Perfect Stocking Stuffers and Gift Exchange Treasures

Not only are these gifts small size, they are priced just right to stuff stockings or fit into your Guild’s or Maker Gift Exchange.

One of a Kind Threading Hooks

These are hand turned by Henry in a variety of hardwoods and are $32 for any wood or style.

Fancy Wood Flicker

Fancy Wood Flickers

A versatile fiber prep tool that is a welcome addition to any fiber artist’s arsenal. These are $40 or more and available in cherry, walnut, lacewood, purpleheart, and more.

⅔ Yard Niddy Noddy

This pocket-sized, $32 niddy noddy is great for workshops and retreats.

Spinning Wheel Oil

A small investment – $10 for a one ounce bottle – can save hours of frustration and extend the life of any spinning wheel.

Unicorn Power Scour/Fiber Wash/Fiber Rinse

The 4 oz. bottles are around $5 each and are excellent stain removers in addition to their fleece cleaning abilities.

Sheepy Bags

These $15 re-usable shopping bags bring both laughter and the groceries wherever they go.

Gifts for Those on “The Nice List”

Whether you’re one of Santa’s Elves and shopping for the fiber artist on “the nice list” or looking for that perfect gift to get yourself on “the nice list,” putting one of these under the tree will surely fit the bill.

Good Clean Fiber Subscription

Have you overheard a friend or loved one lamenting the process of skirting and washing dirty, greasy fleece? Give the gift of 4 ounces of clean, washed, premium fleece delivered four times a year for as little as $14 per month.

Blending Board

The ultimate woolen fiber prep tool comes in Cherry ($330) as well as Walnut, Ash, Purpleheart, and Padauk ($405-$435).

Lock Pop

lock pop
Lock Pop

Both a versatile stand alone fiber preparation tool and a great tool to pop open a lock before carding or combing. While it may pop locks, it won’t bust your budget at just $120.

Diz Pack

The Diz Pack allows the user to remove 7 different sizes of carded sliver (roving) from a drum carder. At $92, this little box ‘o dizzes will put a big smile on any fiber artist’s face.

Gifts for When You’re on “The Naughty List”

Did you forget an anniversary or birthday this year? While we also suggest throwing in a foot rub or two, these might at least get you from the doghouse to the downstairs couch.

Standard Series Drum Carder

These no-frills workhorses are easy on the budget ($690-$890) and on fiber.

Elite Series Drum Carder

elitecrankless 310
Elite Crankless

The top of the line carders made anywhere in the world come with a full set of tools to process any type of fiber. At $1440, the Elite Convertible is a hand crank unit that can later be converted to Electric Drive; at $2750, the Crankless has a built-in motor for hands-free and enjoyable carding for hours on end.

Give the Gift of Wool

While these can’t be ordered directly through us, we recommend each of these Northern California, woman-owned businesses.

Shop Among Friends

This is a group of friends that we vend with at Stitches West and Lambtown Festival. They all make wonderful products and are good people, too. 

Meridian Jacobs

Fiber, yarn, and finished goods from our favorite local shepherdess.

Sincere Sheep

cream pink and blue hanks of yarn
Yarn from our Friends at Sincere Sheep

Simply put, Brooke is one of the most talented indie dyers we know – and the only one that works entirely with natural dyes! She also sources her own Cormo fiber and has it custom spun, as opposed to most “buy it and dye it” operations.

Here’s a Bonus for Reading our Whole Guide: For the Hank Lovers

Hank and Momma Clothing

toddler boy wearing hoodie holding pinecone
Hank says “Happy Holidays!”

We appreciate all of the kind words you have all sent about how terribly adorable Roy and Gynna’s son, Hank, is. He now has his own clothing line – including a complete capsule wardrobe.

Can’t Find What You are Looking For?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. We’d be happy to help you find the perfect gift for the fiber artist in your life!

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