Ten Tips for Holiday Shopping Success

Thanksgiving is coming and you know what that means – the official kick off to the Holiday Shopping Season! With so much Holiday shopping taking place online these days, successful holiday shopping is now dependent on successful holiday shipping. Here are ten tips that will help keep your holidays happy by shopping smart and keeping the end goal…

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Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gifts on table with decorations

Looking for the perfect gift for a fiber-minded friend or family member? Need something for your guild’s gift exchange? We’ve got you covered with this year’s Gift Guide, easily sorted into five different categories.  Click on an item’s name to be taken directly to that item’s page. As a friendly reminder, all sales over $50…

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Three Key Features of Clemes & Clemes Drum Carders

clemes and clemes standard drum carder

There are many tools available for preparing fibers for spinning and felting. Perhaps one of the most iconic is the drum carder. Available with hand cranks or electric motors (or both!), drum carders are incredibly versatile fiber preparation tools. What is a Drum Carder? Drum carders are machines that are commonly used for preparing large…

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Three Key Features of Clemes & Clemes Hand Carders

Curved Back Cotton Hand Cards

Hand carders have been used for hundreds of years to prepare fiber for spinning. They transform clumps of fiber and locks of fleece into a ready-to-spin bundle called a rolag or puni. In addition to opening up and preparing wool, alpaca, and other fleece, hand carders are also excellent for carding cotton and blending fibers…

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