Northern California Fibershed

We are located within the Northern California Fibershed, which spreads from San Luis Obispo to the Oregon Border, and are proud members of the Northern California Fibershed Cooperative! All of our tools are made in Pinole, California. Wood and other materials are sourced from within the US and particularly within our Fibershed whenever possible.

We have hand cards and flickers available that are made with Pacific Yew wood that was grown and milled right here in Northern California. You can find those by clicking on Flicker, Wool Cards, or Cotton Cards below and selecting "Pacific Yew" as the wood choice.

Below, you will find some of the most popular fiber prep and hand spinning tools that we make. We've also included our NorCal Wool Sampler from Good Clean Fiber, and books from authors who live within the boundary of our Fibershed.

If you want to know more about what is produced in our region, please visit the Northern California Fibershed Cooperative and the Fibershed Marketplace. To learn more about the Fibershed movement and find your region's Fibershed, visit