Shearing Day at Meridian Jacobs

Shearing day at Meridian Jacobs is one of my favorite days of the year – it’s a little hectic and a lot of fun. If you haven’t seen shearing day at a local farm, I highly recommend finding out when the next one is. Most local farms will let you watch their shearing, but if you join Meridian Jacobs’ Farm Club, you can actually help out with moving sheep and handling fleece. Like I said, tons of fun.

The sheep are penned without feed or water overnight before the shearing. The position they are sheared in is similar to holding an ab crunch or sit-up for a couple minutes – so getting sheared on a full stomach would not be a pleasant experience. This ewe was at the empty feeders when I arrived, and totally looked at me like, “Excuse sir, do you have any food?”

First, the rams were shorn. I think everyone is a little more at ease once these guys made it back into their pen.

Then we herded the ewes into the holding pen.

John is an amazing shearer and shears for Meridian every year. He is quick without making second cuts and very good with the animals. He also takes time to explain to the crowd what he’s doing and why.

Happy ewes having breakfast after receiving haircuts.

And, of course, what you were all waiting for… the fleece! This one is from a freckled Jacob whether named “Spot” for an obvious reason. Spot is a little outside of the typical breed standard for Jacob sheep, but his fleece is so gorgeous that Robin, the shepherdess at Meridian Jacobs, decided to keep him. And to answer your question… yes, this fleece came home with me!

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