DFW Fiber Fest 2019

It’s good to be home after a couple weeks on the road for DFW Fiber Fest and PLY Away, but we really enjoyed our time on the road. I’ll start with DFW Fiber Fest; check my next post for PLY Away. Photos are admittedly few and far between as I was a little under the weather when we started the trip.

We stayed at the brand new Westin, right across the street from the Irving Convention Center. And when I say brand new, I mean brand new. It opened just 5 days before we arrived; the linens were very crisp and were still harsh to the touch. This was the view from our hotel room as we packaged and sorted fiber for classes before setting up our classroom.

The classrooms at the convention center are always well lit and comfortable. We taught one day of Adventures in Drum Carding and one day of Intro to Blending Boards.

This was the first time we setup with a 20’ x 20’ booth. Our typical layout is 20’ or 30’ x 10’. We liked the way the square format worked.

The Friday night talk was “The Tale of the Purple Zebra” by the Shiba Guys.

We closed out DFW Fiber Fest on Sunday with the 2nd Annual Braid to Scarf Competition, sponsored by Clemes & Clemes and judged by Abby Franquemont, Peggy from the 100th Sheep, and Henry Clemes.

Congrats to the winner, team East Meets West for their black and white ying-yang themed scarf!

After packing up Sunday afternoon, we hit the road towards Kansas City, some 500 miles away. By Monday evening, we had to be setup to teach for PLY Away!

Many thanks to the entire DFW Fiber Fest crew for another great event! DFW has a top notch, all volunteer staff that does an excellent job of making sure that everything runs smoothly and that everyone – from students to teachers to vendors – is taken care of and having a good time.




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