Red Alder 2023

Red Alder Fiber Arts Retreat 2023 Recap

We just arrived home from the 2023 Red Alder Fiber Arts Retreat. There were quite a few more students than last year, which is a great sign as many events are still recovering from a year or two off during the pandemic. Below are some of the sights from our trip.

Mount Shasta, as seen from I-5 near Dunsmuir, CA on February 13, 2023.
Mount Shasta, as seen from the town of Weed, CA on February 13, 2023.

The drive from Pinole to Tacoma always provides scenic views, and this time was no exception. We were blown away (pun intended) by the fact that we could see the snow gusting off the top of Mount Shasta. Imagine those wind speeds!

It’s not too often that we have to get out the snow and ice scraper, but after an overnight stop near Eugene, Oregon, we had some work to do before we could get moving again. It was a nice reminder of how blessed we are to live in the Bay Area!


When we made it to the Hotel Murano, they asked us to unload all of our booth and classroom equipment from both the truck and trailer, rather than wait until the morning. It was a nice gesture, considering the events of last year. Most people – even other vendors – don’t get a chance to see the Marketplace when it is empty.

Our booth just lacked a little finishing up.
The room feels huge before the pipe and drape is installed!

On Wednesday, we set up both the booth and our classroom. We taught on Thursday and Friday and vended from Thursday through Sunday.

A red arrow for Red Alder.
Panoramic view of our booth.

We taught Exploring the Drum Carder on Thursday and Color Theory: Carding the Color Wheel on Friday. I forgot to grab photos on Thursday, but the bounty of colors on Friday couldn’t be ignored.

Ready, set, blend!
A pair of complementary colors – Purple (L) and Yellow (R) with three blended colors in between. These make up the gradient batt on the right in the next photo.
Each student takes home a gradient batt, in addition to a Color Wheel.
A wooly Color Wheel.

Each floor of the Hotel Murano has artwork by a different glasswork artist. The Chihuly Bridge of Glass is also nearby, accessed behind Union Station. While we had seen it in daylight before, it was equally stunning at night.

A small section of wall on the Chihuly Bridge of Glass.
Closeup view of one of the many pieces of artwork that comprise the Chihuly Bridge of Glass.
Old Union Station in Tacoma, WA is now the county courthouse. It is a gorgeous building, day or night.

One of our Color Theory students commandeered the Crankless Doublewide in the booth on Saturday to make this 2-ounce gradient, which she then removed as carded sliver. Well done, Carla!

Doublewide = double the fun!

And that’s it for Red Alder 2023. We had an uneventful drive home, which is the most we ever ask for. We have a short turnaround for Stitches West in Sacramento on March 2-5, with four days of teaching and vending.

Join us next year for Red Alder Fiber Arts Retreat on February 15-18, 2024!

Red Alder Fiber Arts Retreat 2024: February 15-18, 2024.

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  1. ANDREA LIVINGSTON SHUMAN on March 18, 2023 at 9:00 am

    Hi, Roy and Henry. Happy Late New Year and St. Patty’s day (yesterday). Love your photos. Looking at your drum carding workshop set up looks inviting. I can’t wait until you guys can offer another Drum Carding Workshop in the Bay Area.

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