Start the New Year with Good Clean Fiber

It’s hard to believe that it is already time to change the calendars and ring in a new year. Are you looking to start 2023 with a new fiber arts project? Then start the new year off with Good Clean Fiber!

What is Good Clean Fiber?

Good Clean Fiber (GCF) delivers premium, washed, ready to process fleece – right to your door. 

Most people probably think of us as equipment makers, but we like to think of ourselves as problem solvers. One thing a problem solving mindset provides is a keen ear for hearing other people’s problems.

Over and over, we heard from fiber artists – our customers, our students, and other fiber arts teachers – about the difficulty of finding quality fiber from consistent or reliable sources. Often they unknowingly purchase bad fiber via the internet or only have access to a limited number of fiber producers locally. On top of that, once they buy a whole fleece – often much more fiber than they want – washing fleece is a major hurdle. The process ties up the kitchen or bathtub for days on end, with drying fleece covering all available flat spots in the house or blowing away in the wind from a makeshift drying rack in the backyard.

So, enter GCF!

How Does Good Clean Fiber Work?

Every year we travel the country to teach and vend at fiber festivals and sheep & wool shows. At these shows, we build relationships with the fiber producers that we purchase our GCF from. We inspect every fleece we purchase to ensure the highest quality and that each fleece comes only from sheep that are on pasture year-round or are coated. Back at our shop, each fleece is sorted, marked for its future use (subscription, fleece for sale, or workshops), then washed, inspected, and packaged. You can read more about our process in depth in our blog post here.

What makes Good Clean Fiber?

Actually, GCF is pretty simple.

Good: Fiber is tested for soundness to ensure no breaks or weaknesses. We work with the shepherds from each flock selected for Good Clean Fiber to ensure that their sheep are coated or on pasture year round, and that their fleeces are heavily skirted. Good Clean Fiber is sound and 99% vegetable matter free unless otherwise noted.

Clean: All fiber is triple washed using Unicorn Power Scour and rinsed with Unicorn Fiber Rinse. Good Clean Fiber is free of lanolin yet has a gentle hand.

Fiber: All fiber is unprocessed, premium wool fleece selected specifically with fiber artists in mind. Fiber is available from project size through an entire fleece (several pounds). Some fleeces will be kept together in their entirety; others may be split into several 2, 4, 8, or 16 oz. offerings. Good Clean Fiber is ready to be flicked, hand carded, drum carded, or combed prior to being hand spun or felted.

How to get some Good Clean Fiber

Simply browse our Fleece for Sale page and pick the fleece and amount you want. We add twelve or more fleece to our sale page each month; each monthly release includes a wide variety of breeds, fiber lengths, colors, and crimp styles. At any point in time, there are approximately 200 fleece to shop from.

GCF also has three quarterly subscriptions options:

  • Pure: four ounces of purebred fleece
  • Bliss: four ounces of fleece selected specifically for their handspinning qualities
  • SE2SE: four ounces fleece that qualify for the Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em Initiative from the Livestock Conservancy

Our Pure, Bliss, and SE2SE subscribers get access to each month’s fleece release before they are available to the general public. Want early access but not a quarterly subscription? Become a Prime subscriber.

Good Clean Fiber FAQs

Here are some common questions about GCF subscriptions and how they work.

What is the time commitment for GCF?

The commitment period for a subscription is one year. You will receive four quarter’s worth of Pure, Bliss, or SE2SE shipments, and a year’s access to the monthly Fleece Releases.

Do I receive something every month with my GCF subscription?

The Good Clean Fiber subscriptions are four ounces delivered each quarter, with monthly, quarterly, or annual payment plans. With the monthly payment option, you pay for one third of the quarterly installment each month. Regardless of payment option, we ship fiber in the final two weeks of each quarter, so you should expect a fibery package in the mail after the 15th of March, June, September, and December.

Can I opt out? If so, how?

If necessary, yes, you can opt out of your GCF subscription. When you subscribe, you’ll create a username and login, which you can then use to manage the billing for your subscription. Opting out would be done by logging in and cancelling your subscription. 

Ready to join Good Clean Fiber?

Become a part of the GCF family today. Head to our Good Clean Fiber page and select your fleece or subscription today!

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