Lambtown Festival 2019

I am so proud of how this year’s Lambtown Festival turned out! All of our board members and committee chairs put in countless hours throughout the year, working behind the scenes to make sure everything came out juuuuust right. When it was all said and done, 3,100 people came through the gates, making Lambtown Festival the largest sheep and wool show in California. The festival featured nearly 150 fleece in the Wool Show and Sale – also the largest in the state – and the Sheep to Shawl Competition fielded 7 teams to make it the largest contest of its kind in the country! I admittedly took very few photos this year – my duties as president kept me quite busy throughout the weekend – but I’ll share a few that I took and some of my favorites that others took over the weekend.

We got the party started on Thursday this year, with Henry teaching Adventures in Drum Carding and Abby Franquemont teaching All Spindles All Day. Both Thursday workshops sold out quickly, so I think this is something we’ll definitely bring back next year. (Photo credits to Rijel Lewis @blkmktwool on these first four photos)

We added a lot of fun new things at Lambtown Festival this year. Among the bigger hits were the People’s Choice Award in Skeins and Textiles (photo credit Ksenia @life_is_cozy) and new tees (photo credit Gynna Clemes @gynnamade).

Of course there were loads of sheep (my own photos this time).

We hope you’ll join us for Lambtown Festival next year! Mark your calendar for October 3 and 4, 2020, with workshops starting on Thursday, October 1st.

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