Estes Park Wool Market 2019

The Estes Park Wool Market has the best scenery of any sheep and wool festival in the country, hands down.

Check out that view through the windows of our classroom. We had great students at the Wool Market this year as we taught Anything But Batts, Intro to Blending, and Exploring the Drum Carder. During Friday’s Exploring class, as I snuck out to Safeway to get cupcakes for Henry’s birthday (the big six seven!), I saw two elk about 150 yards from the back door of the classroom. It was incredible.

They take the elk seriously around here.

The Wool Market was run by volunteers until just a few years ago; it’s now a city event. The city staff has done a wonderful job getting up to speed in the last couple of years and there was even a lot of buzz around the city, like this display in a bookstore window:

The Wool Market itself was wonderful, as usual. There were lots of great vendors, including our friends from Fiber Optic Yarns, Greenwood Fiberworks, and Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins. And of course there were dozens of sheep and goats!

One of our students from last year’s Mixed Breed workshop brought a hat made from the wool she carded in class. (Thanks, Nancy!)

We sponsored the Sheep to Shawl Competition this year.

Each team turned in great shawls.

Thanks for reading! We hope you join us in Estes Park at the Wool Market next year on June 12-14, 2020!


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